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Florida Law HB 321 |  US: New measure to take effect in July 2024 and 0 fine for violators |  USA |  Advice

Florida Law HB 321 | US: New measure to take effect in July 2024 and $150 fine for violators | USA | Advice

Governor Florida, Ron DeSantisApproved HB 321 Act, a move to restrict the launch of balloons inflated by lighter-than-air gases such as oil. The new regulation will come into effect from July 1 and seeks to reduce environmental pollution in the region America.

Balloons inflated with these gases slowly disintegrate, end up in water bodies and are ingested by marine animals, causing serious damage. The legislation was supported by both the House of Representatives and the Senate FloridaHighlighting its importance in protecting the environment.

A fine of U$D 150 to support the environment

A brand new law Florida Violators are fined U$D 150. One percent of that amount will be earmarked for a trust fund for solid waste management. Effective July 1, the measure will remove prior authorization for the intentional release of fewer than 10 balloons in a 24-hour period and an exemption that allowed the use of biodegradable or photosynthetic balloons. The The only exception This will be the rule Children under six years of age.

The law also allows exceptions for balloons released by persons pursuant to government contracts on behalf of government agencies or for scientific or meteorological purposes.

Additionally, the new law makes the intentional release of balloons a punishable act under the Florida Littering Act, changing its definition.pouring out” involves the deliberate release of balloons. In addition, “Trash“This law should cover balloons.

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