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Florian Thuven on his goal in Clasico Reggio: What they think is worth it for me

Florian Thuven on his goal in Clasico Reggio: What they think is worth it for me

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Florian Thuven it is clear: “What they think is worth it to me”The Frenchman shoots first when asked about him If he tries to cross the goal or shoot That afternoon of March 19, 2022, when Make a witty note during the Classic Royal.

He is that football player tigers He opened the stump of memories to indicate that entrance which surprises him that people are still talking about, so He immediately resolved the dispute and provided details of the origin of that annotation who judged The Cats beat Rayados (2-0) In this Closing 2022.

Are they still talking about it? Time has passed, Leguela is coming and they’re still talking about it? I’ll tell you the truth: what they think is so worth it for me, it’s a goal for me and it’s over‘, European shoots faithfully, who adds that The caption was posted a few days ago from the meeting.

“You have to go back in history: they catch me every day of the week Nahuel (Guzman) and Andre (Pierre Gignac) and they said to me: Florian you have to shoot the goal Because he’s a goalkeeper (Esteban Andrada) who goes out a lot, a lot.” thoven In an interview with Belo Maldonado.

Did Florian Touven want the shot or the cross?

Footballer tigers He made it clear during the play He always intended to shoot on goalHe even mentioned that he marked him as going to the center To deceive goalkeeper Riadoswho finally “takes the bait” and manages to score.

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The plan was to kick the goal. My first ball should have been a cross, but I didn’t get a chance, so I saw I had to make a change, and I thought it was my last ball, So I’m going to make Charlie (mark) so the goalkeeper thinks I’m going to cut it, but I was to my right and I did it perfectly.. In ten times, how many times will I do that? I don’t know but The most important thing is that the ball entered the Clasico and I am happy with that“, is over.