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Flights diverted due to bad weather arrived in San Juan

Flights diverted due to bad weather arrived in San Juan

Four flights to San Juan that were diverted this Friday due to bad weather finally arrived Luis Munoz Marin International AirportAerostar Airport Holdings announced that it will become the private operator of Puerto Rico’s major port facility.

Earlier, Aerostar’s Director of Operations, Nelman Neverez Padilla, indicated that weather conditions forced the diversion of flights, whose arrival was scheduled between 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m., confirmed this media.

John F. in New York. Nevarez Padilla pointed out that JetBlue flight 503 from Kennedy Airport, JetBlue 2132 from Punta Cana and Frontier 110 from Orlando. They were diverted to the Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla. Meanwhile, American Flight 1613 from Miami was dispatched to Santa Cruz.

According to the administrator, The diversion was part of the protocol that airlines follow when there is bad weather in one area of ​​the airport.

“This action is temporary in nature until atmospheric conditions improve and the pilot can resume flight to his final destination,” Aerostar said in a press release.

“Aerostar is asking relatives or next of kin of passengers to inform them through each flight’s digital platforms or information lines.”Added director.