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Five ways not to appear 'online' on WhatsApp |  Doctor Techno |  magazine

Five ways not to appear ‘online’ on WhatsApp | Doctor Techno | magazine

Although there is no button that allows us to hide that we are online, there are options that can help us with this.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world. Although its functions are constantly being innovated, Not all of them meet the needs of their users.

For example, there are those who in addition to deactivate the blue scenes They want to prevent others from knowing when they are OnlineWhile there is no button or tool that allows you to do this directly, there are options that can help us prevent them from knowing that we are active on WhatsApp.

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Some options that can be used to avoid appearing “online”:

In extreme cases

If it is someone with whom we do not wish to maintain any kind of communication, then the most suitable option This connection will be blocked. This way you can continue to manage your account normally and maintain the same interaction with others.

The person will not receive a notification that they have been blocked, but by resorting to this option that person will not be able to see our profile picture also, we will not receive their messages And the views we received for you will not appear either.

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To block someone, you must go to the WhatsApp menu, select Settings, Login law Project, Then Privacy, Choose blocked communications And click in the upper right corner for Add who we want to block.

Nobody looks at us as ‘connected’

The option to prevent others from seeing us “online” is Using Airplane Mode. What we must do is allow all messages to enter WhatsApp, and when you want to reply to them, close WhatsApp, activate Airplane mode, open WhatsApp again and type the answer or just read the messages.

Then, Remove WhatsApp from last view and disable Airplane mode. If you reply to a message, the reply will be sent the moment the cell phone is back in contact.

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WhatsApp notifications

Another easy alternative that we can use is Reply directly via notifications (This option must be enabled). In this way, it is not necessary for us to open the application and therefore we will not appear online.

External applications

Android users can choose to use third-party apps, which prevents others from knowing that we are “Online”:


This app is overlaid on other apps, so it allows people to reply without having to go into WhatsApp, so we can’t appear as ‘online’.

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The app allows you to reply to messages without appearing as ‘Online’. This is amazing Application You also have the option to reply directly via notifications.

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google chrome extension

with extension WA Web Plus WhatsApp Couple It is possible to view messages without having to open WhatsApp. This extension also provides options to disable the “Online” message as well as the “Write…” message. (e)