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Final Series – El Licey triumphs as he is one to win his 23rd title

Pedro J Briseno

El Licey was just one step away from winning his first title in the last six tournaments.

Jorge Alfaro donned the hero’s suit for the Cats again with a home run and a double, the Droppers from two runs and the Tigers beat the Stars 3-1 last night in Vargas tetelo for a win one short of hitting their first mace. Dominican football since 2016-2017 they have dominated Aguilas 5-4. This would be his twenty-third crown

Although the game didn’t end without the Stars threatening in the ninth when they put runners on third and first with two out, closer Jairo Asensio hit Junior Lake to get the game out.

Alfaro kicked off his offense with a solitary homer first against Edwin Osita, the Stars’ starter, then pushed Ronnie Mauricio, who scored from first base after Toby of a stellar high school boost. Sergio Alcántara was responsible for pushing the other off Licey with a single into the fourth.

They took it upon themselves to provide all the necessary punishment in front of seven All-Star pitchers.

While Brooks Hall, the Blues pitched solidly through the first five innings and received support from five other relievers to leave the Greens with one run and six strikeouts.

The All-Star offense has been so far behind in the past two games, it barely scored a turn in them.

Licey again played flawless and committed no errors in the series, while her opponent committed four and has eight in the event.

Hall was the winner, while Edwin Uceta was the loser. Jairo Asensio scored the fifth goal of the qualifiers and is just one short of equaling Dario Veras’s mark.

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In the final series they went 7-4, the only teams that managed to recover from it, at least when they fell below 1-3, were the picks from 1987-88, the year they beat the Stars and Eagles 4-1 in 2020 -21 when they beat the giants.

Licey didn’t expect much and scored a comeback in the same first ring by slinging Alfaro between center and left field against starter Uceta.

The Cats scored an extra in the fourth, also after two wins, Dairon Blanco received a walk, the second got cheated and entered the race with a hit from Sergio Alcántara.

The Blues raised the lead to 3-0 in the fifth by hauling Ronnie Mauricio after two wins and scoring from Alvaro’s opening double down the entire line into the left turf.

But, at the conclusion of that inning, the Snakes broke a first-time batter that Hall was throwing, on a double by Robinson Cano and another Toby connected by Lewin Diaz.