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Fifth loss for Club America in Apertura 2021

Fifth loss for Club America in Apertura 2021

Evan Davila

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Although we have already played football for several weeks, the truth is that Águilas del USA They have yet to announce any reinforcements that will impress Azulcremas fans. So far, the US team has only added losses in the team and players who have been signed are more to complete the substitute bench.

Managing the Sports President of the Eagles, Santiago Banos, has been questioned by the fans so far, because in the past tournaments there were deals that were a disaster. The relationship between Baños and the Betz Group agency is very troublesome for the followers of Azulcrema, because many additions to that relationship were not productive for the team.

Such was the case of Emilio Sanchez, who got a second chance at Coapa, something that very few understood, because he did not stand out in an important way at other clubs. As many expected, his time in the Eagles was completely forgotten, because he could never win the title with our team.

Azulcremas announced their layoffs after a year in the institution, as neither of them are Miguel Herrera or with Santiago Solari, could have regularity with the first team. Undoubtedly, there is another signature on Baños’ account, which has completely gone unnoticed and thus fan signals are constantly on the rise.

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