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FIFA removes a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in the Portugal-Uruguay match.  Why?

FIFA removes a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo in the Portugal-Uruguay match. Why?

Lusail Stadium, Qatar /

It is the most dangerous predator in the history of football and Even the goals he didn’t score want to be told about. Gorgeous postcards continue to be offered in Qatar World Cup 2022now it was starring Cristiano Ronaldo And a goal confusion in the Portugal-Uruguay match in the group stage.

Was Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal today with Portugal?

It all happened in the 54th minute to open the scoring at Lusail Stadium, when a cross from the left by Bruno Fernandes ended up in the net after a stunning jump from Cristiano – it seemed – slightly deflected from the path of the ball.

CR7 ran to mark his finger up saying the score was hisCameras followed the crack until Portuguese fans shouted “Sio” during the celebrations. Even FIFA showed Cristiano Ronaldo as the goal maker, but they took him too far after minutes.

FIFA awarded the goal to Bruno Fernandes

After carefully reviewing the iterations, it becomes clear The captain did not touch Bruno Fernandes’ centerwho is his team mate at Manchester United and with whom Before the World Cup there seemed to be a strained relationshipBut the celebration of the goal showed that all this was in the past.

El Bicho celebrated the goal as his own Which is why it was given the official FIFA graphics in the first place, but soon after They patch it up to give it to Brunowho scored two goals later with a penalty kick, under normal circumstances, it was CR7’s turn to implement it, but he was already off the field with The victory of the Portuguese was 2-0.

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Cristiano scored in the World Cup

As if something was missing Cristiano Ronaldo intimate careerLast Thursday in Qatar 2022 it became The first footballer to score in the World Cup five times, besting Uwe Seeler, Miroslav Klose and Pelé, who did so in four editions. in winning over Ghana, CR7 scored the first goals of that match And reached seven annotations in the finals.

CR7 goals in the World Cup

  1. Portugal-Iran (2-0) / Group stage / Germany 2006
  2. Portugal-North Korea (7-0) / Group stage / South Africa 2010
  3. Portugal-Ghana (2-1) / Group stage / Brazil 2014
  4. Portugal-Spain (3-3) / Group stage / Russia 2018 (first goal of the match)
  5. Portugal-Spain (3-3) / Group stage / Russia 2018 (second goal of the match)
  6. Portugal-Spain (3-3) / Group stage / Russia 2018 (the third goal of the match)
  7. Portugal-Morocco (1-0) / Group stage / Russia 2018
  8. Portugal-Ghana (3-2) / Group stage / Qatar 2022