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Fierce battle in Olancho - Marathon!  The Colts' chief attacks Keosseián and the players hit each other

Fierce battle in Olancho – Marathon! The Colts’ chief attacks Keosseián and the players hit each other


– Facebook live from Zafarancho Stadium –

Once marathon Qualified to the semi-finals Draw 1-1 at Olancho StadiumRiots were organized in the Juan Ramon Privet stadium in Juticalpa.

It all started when the purslane coach was at the end of the game Manuel Cousian He went to greet the Colts’ chief, Chief Samuel GarciaBut apparently there were other comments and the manager attacked the 69-year-old Uruguay coach.

lens ten Pick up how Pampero Chief paid Keosayan forcefully on his face. Samuel Garcia He began to justify himself Manolo He attacked him first, to which Chara’s strategist angrily replied “I never hit you, I’ll convict you”, while he was taken away by security.

Keosayan He started to faint from the pain that came with it marathonAnd the Juan Pablo RealHe wanted to intervene, but was hit hard in the chest by a young man in a Colts jersey, who would be one of the President’s sons. Olancho.

This was where the real chaos began, as strikes spilled onto the field and players from both teams reached out to center, but the chaos only spread.

Television cameras captured how people in certain clothes attacked my players marathonIncluding Lucas Bellwho in his defense threw a hook in the face of one of his attackers.

– “This has happened to me in my life,” said Keosseián –

Prior to Green Monster’s departure from the Olancho Building, members of the marathon they talked to ten Regarding the “embarrassing business”.

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Keosayan Accused “They told me he might be the president’s son (Samuel Garcia) the one who hit me in the back and knocked me down, and that’s when I lost my glasses. I have never attacked him (Olancho chief), so why should I? At first I wanted to congratulate him, I told him they had a great game and then he hit me.”

He emphasized that “I am healthy, I do not see anything because I do not have glasses. Something similar to what happened today has happened to me in my life, and this cannot happen in football.”

On his part, the manager of Al-Raglaa, Rollin Penacommented that Manolo Keosayan “He received three strong blows, and was about to lose consciousness, as well as our physical coach (Flavio Chagas) and assistant. These actions are meaningless to the ailing Honduran football,” he lamented what had happened.