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El dinero "fíat es un fraude": Multimillonario mexicano planea que su banco sea el primero del país en aceptar el bitcóin

‘Fiat money is a scam’: Mexican billionaire plans his bank to be the first in the country to accept bitcoin


June 28, 2021 04:03 GMT

In a series of tweets, Ricardo Salinas talked about “promoting freedom” with the main cryptocurrency and recommended investing in it.

Billionaire businessman Ricardo Salinas Blego, who leads one of the largest conglomerates in Mexico, claimed This Sunday, his bank could start using bitcoin, becoming the first bank in the country to accept cryptocurrency.

“I recommend Bitcoin, Banco Azteca and I are working on it.” First Bank in Mexico to Accept BitcoinSalinas tweeted in response to a post by Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy.

In his message, Saylor a . shared Video In it, a Mexican tycoon called government-backed fiat money a “scam” and suggested instead that all investors own bitcoins.

In another of the many tweets that Salinas shared on Sunday night, he also urged investors to study cryptocurrencies and their future, as well as reiterate that he is seeking to bring in bitcoin. “Promoting Freedom” For Banco Azteca customers.

Salinas, listed as the third richest man in Mexico with a family fortune estimated at more than $15,000 million, announced last year that he already owns about 10% of his liquid portfolio invested in bitcoin, Picks Forbes.

This Sunday, Bitcoin has recovered about 7.5% and is trading at around $34,500.

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