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Felipe Purbano de Lara and Fernando Ponce elected representatives to the Advisory Council on Foreign Relations |  Politics |  News

Felipe Purbano de Lara and Fernando Ponce elected representatives to the Advisory Council on Foreign Relations | Politics | News

The National Electoral Council elected representatives of the Academy before this body, which will advise the national government.

Professor Felipe Purbano de Lara and Fernando Ponce were appointed as representatives of the universities before Advisory Council on Foreign Relations.

the National Electoral Council (CNE) On January 10, an electoral college was set up in which 23 universities in the country were called that issue fourth-level degrees in international science fields.

According to information from CNE, Felipe Burbano de Lara, of the Latin American College of Social Sciences (Flacso), was elected as the first vice-president. Fernando Ponce León, of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE), As a second representative before the Board of Directors.

On January 10, university representatives will be elected to the Diplomatic Council

This Consultative Council on Foreign Relations was revitalized after eleven years of being no longer needed during the governments of Rafael Correa and Lenin Moreno.

The decision was made by the former foreign minister, Mauricio Montalvo.

The Foreign Service Law states in Article 43 that this case consists of the President of the National Court of Justice (who presides over it), the Head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the President of the Ecuadorean Episcopal Conference, two representatives of universities and ten citizens with whom the President of the Republic decides to form ” , preferably drawn from among former foreign ministers, university professors in international sciences, and other persons with expertise in such disciplines.”

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Those chosen remain in office during the period during which the President of the Republic was elected and carry out their duties for honor; Its decisions will be taken by the motivated vote of two-thirds of its members.

Its functions include answering questions and advising on issues requested by the advisor, giving opinion before appointing functional ambassadors, and more.

The National Electoral Council shall announce the official results of these elections, which were conducted by default, and will hand over credentials to those elected. It then notifies the Department of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility of the results of the internal procedures. (I)