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Federal Court of Appeals allows Texas abortion law to continue enforced | Univision News America

Might be Texas Continues to ban most abortions After the administration’s latest attempt was rejected by the Federal Court of Appeal on Thursday Joe Biden To repeal a new law that has become The country’s biggest break for abortion in nearly 50 years.

This decision enforces the law, Known as SB8The judiciary is trying to change that. President Joe Biden’s administration has sued Texas over restrictions on contraception Once the fetal heart function is detectedThis will take about six weeks.

The Federal Court of Appeals for the fifth round has allowed the law to proceed three times since August. Since then, abortion providers say Texas women have had to resort to clinics in neighboring states. Sometimes you have to drive for hours To attract attention at midnight.

This decision seeks to stop the law from leaving a narrow path for judicial and abortion providers in Texas, which has so far existed due to a unique structure that enforces the law on private citizens.

Texas law allows private citizens to charge a minimum fee $ 10,000 compensation If they file a successful lawsuit against the abortion provider for violating the restrictions.

Despite numerous legal challenges before and after the law came into force on September 1, the court went on to suspend the ban only once, with the order lasting only 48 hours.

Texas Abortion Prohibition Act Federal Court decision on short options

There were about two dozen abortion clinics in Texas before the law came into force.

Shares of abortion rights in the United States are already high in the coming months. In December, the new conservative majority Supreme Court Will hear of Mississippi’s attempt to overturn the historic conclusion Row We Wade It guarantees women’s right to abortion.

The 1992 Supreme Court ruling barred the fetus from being fertilized outside 24 weeks before conception. But the Texas version surpassed the courts in enforcing law enforcement to private citizens.

Texas Right to Life, the state’s largest anti – abortion group, has set up a hotline to receive complaints against abortion providers, but has not filed any lawsuits.