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Featherweight, hospitalized after holding a concert in New York |  video

Featherweight, hospitalized after holding a concert in New York | video

the singer featherweight He surprised his followers after appearing from the hospital bed through his stories on his official Instagram account, where the number of his followers is no less than 9 million.

At night, after giving a presentation in New York, the artist The first story has been uploadedHe first thanked his fans and shed light on their situation.

Waiting for the x-ray, thank you, New York, that was crazy, I love you“.

Through a new image Hassan Emilio Kabande LaigaThe real name of the native of Zapopan, Jalisco, announced that he had a fracture, apparently in his left leg.

At this time, Double P has not released more details about the fracture he suffered Or whether he will have to stay out of focus to recover from an injury that may have been caused by the performance itself.

In the videos you can see how the singer limps at some point during his presentation; but, He does not stop and continues singing and walking around the place to continue the interaction. With the audience. This was welcomed by some users on social networks. One of them identifies it like this:

“I am very proud featherweight, an artist who shows incredible dedication and passion for his work. Despite his injury, he continued his show, showing unwavering strength and commitment to his fans. “His professionalism is inspiring, and shows that no matter the obstacles, his love for music and his fans always drives him forward.”