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Family members say two of the five girls found at the border were abducted along with their mother Univision Immigration News

Two out of five Immigrant women What They appeared alone near the border South America last Sunday, They would have been abducted Mexico They had to do it with his mother Pay thousands of dollars to publish Before leaving for the United States, according to the aunt of the children exposed to the Universiட்டn notice.

Daisy’s sister Yolanda, a mother of two, who was discovered last Sunday, said she spoke exclusively with five – year – old Ashley and 11 – month – old Valeria, a university notice. He found out about his daughter-in-law through the media, When the little ones were abandoned in the middle of nowhere on a farm near the border.

“I want to know what was the reason or intent for leaving my daughter-in-law alone,” Yolanda said with tears in her eyes.

His 22-year-old sister Daisy would have traveled Guatemala a Mexico With his two daughters, Minor’s father, a few months ago. Man can Go to the United States in December, But returned in March after learning that Daisy and the girls had been abducted.

“They were locked in a room without clothes and they were whipped. That’s what my sister told me, it was horrible, she told me, ”Yolanda said.

According to Yolanda, the cost of redemption About $ 3,000 Once free, Daisy decided to go into the United States, but at gunpoint at the border, she said she found police officers who had taken the money with her.

“Once without money, I was walking down the street with two little girls. From that moment on, I never heard from them again,” Yolanda said, adding that her sister’s whereabouts are still unknown.

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What do you know about the other three little girls

The mother of the other two girls found at the border was identified as Janet, the sister of the father of the other two children. Janet’s daughters, whose names are Nashley (8 years old) and Crystal (4 years old), lived with their mother in Mexico.

Janet’s mother, Daisy’s husband Miriam, told Noticesero Univision that her daughter left after another brother was killed by the gang.

“It fell on me like a bucket of cold water. I don’t agree, I don’t know who helped them, I don’t know what’s going on,” he said. Until now She could not even find her daughter’s whereabouts. “Please, bring it to me. I do not want to fall in the hospital.”

The consulates of Guatemala and Honduran said they were aware of the cases and were in contact with families. In the fifth woman, she is only known to be Honduran.

“Our souls are broken”: Suspicion grows over the whereabouts of the parents of five abandoned girls at the border

Agents found five minors Office of Customs and Border Security (CBP) In a part of the Rio Grande Valley, in Texas, Last Sunday, agents assigned to the Eagle Pass station reported seeing five minors in the Normandia area after receiving a warning from residents in the area.

A family living near the river saw them crying, according to a local neighbor of the university notices: “I was on a farm near the river. I saw five girls crying alone. I asked my workers to give me water to eat. When the authorities came,” he said.

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Agents were able to identify minors Wrote down the phone numbers of your family members; Even the 11-year-old wrote it on a marker on his diaper.

The girls did not require medical attention and were taken to the Wolde station for processing for detention. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

As of last Friday, according to government data, HHS had only 21,563 undocumented children in its custody at the border, while 631 were in CBP facilities.