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Expansion of medicine into Zaragoza and Huesca could mean about 70 more places

Expansion of medicine into Zaragoza and Huesca could mean about 70 more places

Measures promoted University of Zaragoza and the Aragonese government To increase the ability to train doctors in the community It could mean that in a few years, about 70 more places will be offered to study a medical degree, between Huesca and Zaragoza. This was appreciated by the PSOE and PP Health spokespersons in Parliament, Olvido Moratinos and Ana Marín, during the 35th Aragonese Primary Care Congress, when explaining their proposals to alleviate the physician shortage and the current health situation.

The initiative does not end with convincing the doctors who, during their interventions, They demanded more measures with immediate effects It’s not back to 10 or 11 years like the expansion of medicine places. They also emphasized that there are already studies that predict that in 2036 there will be a large number of unemployed Spanish doctors. In Aragon the increment that can be approved in the state university will be added Implementation of a medical degree at St. George’s University (USJ), with 100 other places.

A large volume aimed at curbing the shortage of specialists and subsequent problems to cover vacancies, sick leave and vacations. However, all of these proposals are still in a preliminary stage. The feasibility study will determine that the Huesca Campus can offer all courses and not just the current two. If approved, confirmed sources from the Ministry of Health, The 45 places currently occupied by students arriving from Huesca to Zaragoza from the third year, will be free And they can, if there are sufficient financial resources and teachers, to offer starting from Zaragoza.

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in parallel formExpansion of vacant medical positions in both campuses is also being studied. With current regulations, it can be increased by 10% without the need to amend the verification report, although the Ministry of Universities has encouraged reaching 15%. If any of the options are approved, this means about 5 more vacancies in Huesca and another twenty in Zaragoza.

“It is necessary to expand places as well as vacancies in Mir,” Confirmed Marin, who also called for a single administration and a specific budget for primary care, a modification of the health map, removal of bureaucracy at work, reduction of agendas, and making places in rural areas more attractive.

Moratinos, referring to the recent meeting of the Alto Aragonese PSOE, made very similar assessments, and at all times, He advocated dialogue with health professionals as the main asset to “rebuild” primary care. The first step would be to meet the doctors and the Directorate of Public Affairs on the 16th. He did not want to present the proposals that the Ministry of Health would take, but indicated that the “regulatory and wages” aspects would be touched upon. He posited that in addition to what could be agreed upon, it must subsequently be passed to the sectoral schedule in which the general unions participate.

between them, CSIF (the second largest in health), which They will meet in front of the health headquarters on the 18th to demand that the chancellor, Serra Ripolis, also listen to their suggestions and take it into consideration. This manufacturer already submitted a document in March with 90 actions, including an increase in budget, models and resources.

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Similarly, CDelete health from the Federation of Associations of Neighborhoods of Zaragoza (FABZ) On Friday he submitted a letter to request a meeting with Repollés. The goal is to convey your concern about the condition of the health centers and They are already lifting mobilization to advocate for primary care.

Other conversations

During this Friday, advances in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and asthma were discussed at the professional conference. Similarly, Dr. Daniel Vicente gave a lesson on benzodiazepines and alcohol withdrawal, and Luis Miguel Lo spoke about treating kidney disease.