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Eugenio Derbez joins the #MarimarChallenge and Thalia reacts to the actor’s dance steps

Eugenio Derbez / Thalia.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

a few days ago next Caught in the limelight thanks to a He touched a video clip of him rescuing a field rat that fell into the pond of his residence in the United Stateswhich confirms the reason It is a phenomenon in social networks.

But the above is not the only reason why the name of the Mexican artist has recently turned into a trend, since the celebration of the 28th anniversary of the launch of the telenovela “Marimar” Who starred with Eduardo Capitello in 1994grew up TikTok challenge with story theme Which consists of making the attendant think that the choreography will be performed with the famous background theme. Then he is invited to follow some steps in front of the camera for a few seconds, but together for the moment he is indifferent, the other person must pull a hair for him at the same time shouting “Ah!” from the song.

This challenge has been taken up by millions of users and other celebrities like Alessandra Rosaldowho, through his official Instagram profile, shared a video in which he was seen trying to take a selfie, but Surprised Eugenio Derbezwho threw her in the pool and then showed off some dance moves often in “costeñito” style.

The funny scene was taken by itself Thalía who didn’t miss any details about this celebrity couple who joined the #MarimarChallenge Which quickly became a phenomenon within short video applications.

Alex Rosaldo loves water with a cell phone and everything! But it was worth seeing Eugenio Derbez dance those little steps and the little screams of #Marimar #auuu In the end it is the cherry on the cake. And you? Have you ever done a #MarimarChallenge?

In addition to inviting her followers to perform a duet with her, Thalia stunned her beauty by appearing in a one-piece swimsuit in shades of blue, yellow, and pink while dancing to the iconic look and moving her thighs while taping with her hive. phone.

“I love you! Your videos are so amazing and funny! Let’s keep sharing the #Marimar challenge to keep making our lives happy,” he wrote at the bottom of the post, which has nearly one and a half million views.

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