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Esther Fernández: She was the first star in Cine de Oro to lose 'everything'

Esther Fernández: She was the first star in Cine de Oro to lose ‘everything’

The gold cinema It was one of the heydays of the seventh art in Mexico. Great personalities emerged from this period, but very few people know that the first star to be recognized was Esther Fernandezan actress who had a great future ahead of her, but she retired at a very young age.

She was one of the first actresses to be included in the “star system”, which included the appointment of characters who confirmed the success of films according to their fame. Originally from Jalisco, Esther Fernandez He showed a keen interest in acting from an early age. His first big screen appearance was at the age of 16, and since then he has appeared in other productions.

Although he had a promising future, Esther Fernandez She had to give up her dream at a very young age and today many have forgotten her despite her leading role and importance in gold cinema.

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What happened to Esther Fernandez? The promise of Mexican cinema that disappeared

In 1936 she was discovered by Fernando de Fuentes, who chose her for the movie “Allá del rancho grande”, which catapulted her to fame and which is considered the first production of the film. gold cinemaHence its importance at the time. The Actress Esther Fernandez He became one of the most sought after characters and came to score at least 40 films.

It was also set as the standard for the prototype of Mexican actress that should appear on the screen. She even had an affair with Pedro Armendarez, but she refused to marry him and stood him up on their wedding day. She was also signed by Paramount Pictures and debuted in Hollywood, but it wasn’t quite as big as it was in Mexico.

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However, upon his return tragedy arrived Esther Fernandez, who was diagnosed with hepatitis and had to retire from acting for two years. When she tried to come back, she was 37 years old and the directors were looking for new talent. Finally, he decided to devote himself to painting and died in 1999 at the age of 84.