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ESPN was about to suspend Faitelson over this lawsuit and an analyst reveals how he answered it

ESPN was about to suspend Faitelson over this lawsuit and an analyst reveals how he answered it


David Fittelson s Francisco “Paco” Gabriel de Anda In 2019, a strong lawsuit was filed in the full broadcast of ‘Fútbol Picante’ after Mexico fell to Argentina with triplets from Lautaro Martinez and a lot of Leandro Paredes.

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That friendly match meant the first defeat in the ‘ era.Martino’s nanny In front of “Tri” and on the popular ESPN show, tension between the analysts intensified.

In an interview with YouTube channel Javier AlarconAnd David Fittelson He replayed that controversial episode with his co-star and admitted that ESPN threatened to cut him off from everything that was said on air.

“I had a disagreement with Paco Gabriel de Anda, it was hard and difficult because I feel he doesn’t understand that what is said in the studio stays there, outside the studio is different,” he began by saying Vitellson.

“I may have also gone overboard when he was the manager of Chivas, and at one point said I was ashamed to be his partner on ESPN, but my approach is to take a step forward and sometimes two steps back to accept that I am wrong.”

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Going into more detail about that discussion that spread on social networks, when Vitellson Accused Paco Gabriel From going “drunk like his brother” to a program, while this is for you revived that “whoever deceives is you”, David He agrees that the need to stir up controversy on television sometimes crosses the line.

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They were about to get suspended from ESPN

This little hair exceeded the guidelines that ESPN tolerated and the top leadership threatened to do Vitellson That he would be stopped, but responded with a possible resignation.

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He explained, “I’m not someone who holds grudges to anyone, in the end, this creates quarrels, confrontations and enemies, but nothing happens, it’s part of the work and the passion.”

“Sometimes the need to stir up controversy creates a lot of problems. I’ll tell you what happened to the Paco de Anda song. The problem rose to such a level that it got out of hand as ESPN told me, ‘You’re going to be stopped.’ I was never commented anywhere, That’s why I told them clearly: ‘If they plasticize me, I’ll go.’ Because for me the comment was more humiliating than any insult on TV’.