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Emotional health stars in wellness conference program

Emotional health stars in wellness conference program

Emotional health stars in wellness conference program

Emotional intelligence in areas such as work, education, health, social but also environmental and political, Where “now you see a lot of stress”, they are shining this Thursday – with activities because the official opening will be on Friday – and until next Sunday the 5th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing taking place at the World Trade Center in Zaragoza. The organization is run by the Aragonese Society of Educational Psychology and collaborates with major Aragonese institutions.

During four days, the scientific committees organized a total of 8 presentations, 9 symposiums, round tables, 77 theses, and twenty workshops, for which registration was recorded. About 500 people from Spain and also from Europe and South America, 20% of them will participate flow.

In many of the sessions a new concept will be touched upon, that of “emotional health”, explains Juan Antonio Planas, President of the Organizing Committee of the Congress, because it was noted that “With this pandemic, mental health issues have increased” but so has stress, sadness and self-consciousness, although, as Planas points out, at the moment “we only see the tip of the iceberg”.

In this sense, it asserts that “well-being and happiness are related to emotional health” because, as Rojas Marcos writes, this has repercussions In “generally better health and therefore people get less sick” and that is why “emotional intelligence improves people’s lives,” Planas insists.

Teachers Rafael Pesquera and Rafael Guerrero will address the case that “when there is an emotional problem ‘it leads to a learning problem’, which is It is at that moment when the solution to physiological needs is crucial. This can be seen, for example, in the most recent study where “Spain fell behind in reading proficiency, which is key for all areas.”

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Politics also has its place, an aspect in which emotional intelligence is also essential, Planas explains, as he realizes that politicians He asserts that “they have less time to choose subjects and should be more attentive to those around them,” and they have “more sympathy because they only remember the problems of citizenship in elections.” in this meaning, asking them to “manage their emotions well, whether of anger or joy” and to realize that “all the ideas of the other side are not bad, they must add”, as he invited them, because “we will all do better”. And he gives as an example that when a party reaches the government, it cancels the laws of its predecessor and this is “not a sentimental policy”, just like the insults that are heard between the different parties.


Environmental Psychology will also be covered with international participants such as Lauria Martinez, Laura Lewin or Chimina Zhao. At the national level, it will be names like Sebastián Darpa, Carmelo Vázquez, Patricia Ramírez, Amparo Escamilla, Silvia Collado, Ines Torremocha, Martín Pinós or Carlos Hué, among others. “We are very happy to bring together people with a lot of experience in this subject,” says Planas, who is happy that “the whole program has been done.” And there were no last-minute cancellations; Evidence that the congress has turned Zaragoza into a benchmark of emotional intelligence and well-being.