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Emmanuel Villa suggests Cruz Azul fans to buy Ignacio Rivero

Emmanuel Villa suggests Cruz Azul fans to buy Ignacio Rivero

This Tuesday, June 22nd, campus blue cross Will report at La Noria facilities to start pre-season Opening 2021. Among those attending this first meeting after the title will not be Ignacio RiveroWho terminated his contract with the club on June 30 and no agreement has been reached with him Xolos from Tijuana to end its total sale to cement manufacturers.

The new team from Robert Dante SieboldI was inflexible in the negotiations and asked for $4.5 million to agree to the Uruguay sale, an exorbitant figure for the Celestial Group given the precarious economic situation of the entity. however, Villa Emmanuel suggest a solution nacho In this new campaign.

According to the post by the former La Maquina player, the idea is going through a savings account among Cruzzulino fans to collect the amount of money that Xolos is asking for.. “Let’s see… How is Nacho Rivero’s case??? Where do we begin to deposit Cruz Azul??? Who scores???”And the Tito wrote on his Twitter account.

The acceptance of his proposal was so within the scope of the cement hobby that there were many who requested an account number for deposit. Villa himself posted hours later another message expressing his optimism about the initiative that had been implementedShe emphasized that only fans of a club like Cruz Azul had reached the pinnacle of this kind of feat.

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“The forecast looks complicated. But at CAZ they have faith that they can still close it! I put the Kuperacha on the table… We’ll get to almost 80 million pesos??? It’s going to be something epic! Something only a hobby like CAZ can achieve!However, Nacho is increasingly moving away from Cruz Azul and his future appears to be closer to Tigres or Xolos than to the last league champion.