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Emelec illusion fades with a draw against Mushuc Runa in Ambato | National Championship | Sports

The mysterious Emelec, who did not shine in the first half, was unable to settle a match against Moshuk Rona (0-0) on Saturday at the Bellavista (Ambato) stadium in the second half, mortgaging his chances of reaching the team leader. LigaPro, Aucas, on the twelfth date of Stage 2 of the tournament.

The only way El Bombillo could shorten the distance was by winning and at the same time hoping that the Orientals Kozoar would lose to Cumbaya on Sunday.

Mushuc Runa had the clearest opportunity to open the scoring, however, his attack wasn’t as strong.

Uruguayan Mauricio Alonso, Ecuadorean Bagner Delgado, Walter Ayove and Argentine Santiago Giordana enjoyed positions in the first half.

For his part, Emlec barely brought the danger over Willman Papon’s goal with a free kick by Jose Francisco Cefalos.

With this result, the blue team sits in fourth place with 21 points, four points behind Ocas, with three days remaining in the second stage of the LigaPro.

The high spirits of Spaniard Ismael Riscalvo’s men, the product of the victory over Deportivo Cuenca in a match rescheduled last Sunday, did not reach the group to settle in Bellavista and advance for the three points.

Mushuc Runa vs. Summary. Amelik

In the 22nd minute, Uruguayan Mauricio Alonso missed a decisive counterattack with his right hand that went wide of the goal.

In the 31st minute, a very light shot from Bagner Delgado reached the hand of the blue goalkeeper Pedro Ortiz.

The next minute, Walter Ayovi evaded the millionaire’s defense, entered the area and ended up losing a showdown with Ortiz.

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After the break, Alonso and Jordana, who did not decipher the line of defenders, were combined, and ended with a shot from the Uruguayan wing and caught Ortiz (55 minutes).

Giordana was cleared from the right flank and fired a tepid shot from the right flank, which Pompello’s goalkeeper saved without problems (59 minutes).

The Argentine midfielder left the field in the 63rd minute due to an injury and was replaced by Walter Moura.

The clearest match for the Electricians came in the 68th minute only with a half-volley from their captain, Uruguayan midfielder Sebastian Rodriguez, who found Babone in a good position.

Three minutes later, striker Alejandro Cabeza was unable to defeat Papone despite his technical gestures, turning his body and ending with his right leg.

A draw keeps Mushuc Runa at the bottom of the table (11 units) although he is now in the table with 30 more, five more than Cumbay√°, 7 more from league technicians and nine more than Macar√°, who is committed to 9 de Octubre FC with a relegation to the LigaPro Serie B. Ambato’s heavenly idol collects 21 points, while the national team has 19.