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El Salvador declares red alert for Tropical Storm Julia

El Salvador declares red alert for Tropical Storm Julia

(CNN) – El Salvador is preparing for the possible effects of the departure Tropical Storm Julia nationwide starting Sunday night, according to the Ministry of the Environment’s forecast.

“It will be rainy, we will have a lot of rain on Monday, Tuesday. Amounts of rain above 100 mm are expected. This means that it will rain what it usually rains in two weeks, and it will be concentrated in these two days, so, we must be prepared “, Fernando Lopez, Minister of Environment of El Salvador, warned at a press conference..

Later, Civil Protection in El Salvador reported that a red alert had been issued:

According to forecasts, heavy rains may cause flooding in the city, as well as landslides, fallen trees, and flooding of rivers or streams throughout the territory.

Given this scenario, the Legislative Council passed a resolution of a national emergency for 15 days, with the aim of facilitating the government’s use of resources to meet the emergencies caused by the passage of Julia.

The government has enabled about 61 temporary shelters in different regions to provide precautionary relocation for families living in places at risk or those requiring them due to potential floods.

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