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"El Fantasma" honors Antonio Aguilar: photo + video

“El Fantasma” honors Antonio Aguilar: photo + video

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Alexandre Garcia, known technically as a ghost He shared with great emotion on his social networks that he is attending a very special tribute to one of his great musical idols: Don Antonio Aguilar.

Through his stories he repeated a tagged video, in audiovisual they inform them of the progress of a fresco whose hero was the translator “Un puño de tierra” in which they are working United State.

The original video was recorded and posted on the official account of Collective Spots & Partners LLC, who wrote part of one of Aguilar’s songs and Thanks to El Fantasma.

“What happened in this world, only the memory remains, and as soon as I die, I will take nothing, nothing, nothing! Just a fist of the earth. This is how he put together this mural painted by Don Antonio Aguilar. Made specially for acortarbarbershop. Thank you very much for your appointment Us again @elfantasmaoficial. Guess who’s going to paint very soon?” says the post referring to the account of the barbershop owned by Phantom in Los Angeles, where the work is allegedly installed.

It must be remembered that a few weeks ago Fantasma fulfilled a musical dream related to singing with her Baby AguilarThe two artists, son of Don Antonio Aguilar, shared “Tus despcios,” a piece that quickly became popular with the public and topped the Mexican regional chart.

Aguilar and El Fantasma have many music projects together, and they were also seen together before a concert Youth Awards Held last week in Miami, Florida with other celebrities for a bohemian night.

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One of the jobs that is popular to join is a series of presentations by some cities Mexico and the United States, because they are not ruling out the possibility of taking their duo to live shows.

Progress of work. Tweet embed