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Either you accept this offer or you say goodbye.

Either you accept this offer or you say goodbye.


In the Barcelona tired of attitude Ousmane Dembele. The Frenchman is still not renewing his contract, which expires on June 30, because Barcelona’s offer does not convince him and his agent.

Laporta admits how Pique and Messi’s message are

As posted on Thursday by AS . magazineCall the attacker Xavi Hernandez In the coach’s “desperate attempt” to mediate with the president Joan Laporta She offered him a new renewal offer when there was only one week left before his relationship with the club expires.

However, the response cure As for the player, it was frank: “Osman, I have received an offer from the club since December. Either you accept this offer or there is nothing to do. The club will not make you a new offer as I told you in the last meeting we had.”

This way, DT also clarifies things DembeleWhose future is in his hands. The only option for me is to continue on Barcelona He has accepted the offer that has been on the table for more than six months and is ignoring it as insufficient.

Dembélé’s agent goes to the crossroads and talks about the future of the French

The previous source indicates that Moses Sisukthe striker’s agent, has shown “absolute contempt” for Barcelona’s approaches, which is why the entity considers the case to be fully settled.

The football player in Barcelona asks for help from Xavi and the coach puts him in his place:

Dembele Interested clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain s Chelsea, but the prepositions waned and now he seems ready to back off and has made a “SOS call” taking advantage of the fact that he still has some supporters within the team. however, cure Assure him that if he wishes to continue to Barcelona You must accept the December offer.

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It should be noted whether the said proposal is still valid or the club has already expired permanently. The truth is Dembele Within seven days, he can leave Barcelona with a letter of freedom if he has not signed it and without knowing his new destination. The ball is in your roof.