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Education Sciences celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with a commitment to training future teachers

Education Sciences celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with a commitment to training future teachers

More than 30 thousand graduates make up the history of this college, whose studies go back to ordinary schools a century and a half ago.

Malaga, October 21 (Europe Press) –

This year, the University of Malaga (UMA) celebrates half a century and this celebration includes three decades of the existence of educational sciences in the institution, a memory that was celebrated on Friday at the Faculty of Educational Sciences with a ceremony in which a conference entitled “Dialogues for a Shared Memory” was held, in which members presented Activists and retirees from the university community, their experiences and future challenges.

Members of the Departments of Educational Sciences, as well as Vice-Chancellor of Students of the University, Jose Francisco Murillo, and the current Dean, Rosario Gutierrez, opened the commemorative sessions, which were closed by the Rector of the University, Jose Angel Narváez, at a ceremony at which time the delegate of the Competent Council of Universities, Miguel Briones, was present. also ; Vice President of the National Conference of Deans of Education, Alfonso Javier Garcia, and Ignacio Rivas, Director of the University Institute for Research in the Training of Education Professionals.

The Dean emphasized that the College is now facing a moment of consolidation of studies and transformation of spaces, given that this is the first year that the entire building has been at the disposal of degrees in Education Sciences, since Psychology and Logopedia have just opened their own property in the Teatinos Extension.

Gutierrez emphasized that “training people and creating connections with students is the goal of this house of ours,” while at the same time appealing to the human side of the studies and thanking the work of “everyone who collaborated in the development of the center: deans, educational institutions, university teachers, teachers of various primary and secondary levels, retired staff and all our students for their Launch, the main reason why this center and the entire UMA exist.”

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For his part, Rivas emphasized the role of education in achieving social cohesion, while Alfonso Garcia took up the challenge of adapting university studies to the new ministerial regulations for university education.

In the words of the Rector, the College of Educational Sciences is developing an “educational model of coexistence that permeates the university.”

For a long time

However, despite the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of their existence, the history of these studios goes back a long time, namely more than a century and a half. Because it was in 1846 when the Regular School for Teachers was established and 13 years later, in 1859, the School for Teachers was located in the Plaza de la Constitución.

It was not until 1961, according to a statement from the UMA, that these teachings, then called “teaching”, were installed on the El Ejido campus, to join the newly created UMA in 1973. For its part, pedagogy studies began In Malaga, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in 1980.

A few years later, in the early 1990s, the degrees associated with teaching were standardized in the building today on the Teatinos Campus, in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. That was in 1992, by transforming the EGB University Teacher Training School and the Education Sciences Department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

From the first teachers and a teaching diploma, it is passed to the degrees currently in force. There are five: primary education, early childhood education, social education, pedagogy, physical activity and sports science and the dual degree of primary studies and English. Six master’s degrees, four double master’s degrees and one doctorate are also taught.

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Over 30,000 graduate students, 287 dissertation reads and 21 research groups, are other numbers supporting these studies, with about 4,000 students and 200 professors per course.