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Ecuador stumbled against Brazil in the South American Sub-Championship | football | sports

Roque Vitor was a selected personality from Brazil In the first half, he ruled the match against Ecuador, with a brace from the Atletico Paranaense striker and a third goal in the sequel to a final result. 3-1 for the first sextet final date from South America sub 20. The tricolor goal was scored by Sebastian Gonzalez.

She was Single from Verdeamarela The one that prevailed in El Campin (Bogota), with the striker She pitched Victor Rock as a dual personality That turned the game in favor of Brazil.

The mini trio is “committed” and maintains the “illusion of being twice champions” in the South American U-20

The mini Tri had a good start, showing more ease in their game Regarding their performance in the group stage, But that was not enough to stop a crushing victory over Brazilthat when he had voids he did not forgive.

Yaimar Medina opened the scoring for Ecuador A header in front of the goal saved goalkeeper Mikael, in the 11th minute of play.

It was a tricolor revealing procedure, however Naps reappeared in midfield for the Ecuadorian team, Where Brazil got strong, with the ball handling and dropping attack where Vitor Roque emerged.

The Athletico Paranaense striker was effective and took advantage of the mismatch to fight for the ball and finish low, a game with which he beat goalkeeper Gilmar Napa. 1-0 in 13 minutes.

Ecuador manages to balance the game process; however, Canarinha’s weight in attack was decisive and after 27 minutes Vitor Roque reappeared Between the middle to control the ball and set a 2-0 down.

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With activate the second half better, And without the presence of the Brazilian ‘9’, who was substituted due to injury, Ecuador pressed the opposing field and got dangerously close to Verdimarella’s goal, but Mikael’s personality was decisive in keeping their goal unbeaten.

The best national play came in the 63rd minute when Alan Minda emerged, Who, after recovering the ball in the tricolor field, covered the entire field, faced the defense and took a shot Extended by Mycael, and horizontal in the second case, avoid the opponent from Ecuador.

insist on the attack Ecuador narrowed the gap with action in the regionJustin Cuero’s shot was returned by Mycael and popped on the rebound Sebastian Gonzalez (75 minutes) to score 2-1 And raise the tricolor illusion.

The push of the mini-triple, which was in the free-kick movement and only, didn’t last long Five minutes later, he saw the target drop again, this time with Andreywho made a save in front of the goal to make it 3-1.

Brazil imposed nepotism Against an Ecuadorian team, he reached the sextuple after completing a subtle performance in the group stage, but with a better activation of the tournament. The mini-Tri balances in several segments.

the Tricolor’s next performance will be on Friday, February 3 against Uruguay (3:00 PM) An opponent they had already faced in the group stage, with a 1-1 draw. Brazil, for its part, will measure Venezuela. (Dr)