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Economics celebrates 60 years of corporate life

Economics celebrates 60 years of corporate life

Monday 30 May 2022


Yesterday the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Catamarca (CPCE) celebrated its 60th anniversary, with a ceremony attended by eminent personalities from the region and the region.

Anniversary House of Representatives proclaimed parliamentary interest and legislative interest by the Senate, contemplating the “collective actions of economic science professionals” and their enduring commitment to their students and community. Likewise, the Consultative Council has so far declared “the interest of the municipality”.

Work began, led by his boss Federico Rueda, at the entrance to the hall with the discovery of a plaque in memory of Accountant and Bachelor of Management Silvia Luz Moreta, the sole president of the Professional Council, so from now in, this space bears his name, bearing in mind that during his tenure as a registered professional, he was Morita has an amazing career. In addition to being a recognized regional and professional legislator, Morita was an exemplary woman, mother and wife, values ​​that were highlighted at the time the painting was unveiled in her honor, along with her family members.

Then, Silvio Reza, President of the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (FACPCE), listened in the hall, who paid tribute to the work that Catamarca is doing and the important contributions it makes to the Federation through its representatives; Then, Mr. Federico Rueda spoke to congratulate his colleagues on this day, at the same time as he made a short tour of the history of the entity he is in charge of. In his speech, he also touched on the various works and projects that have been implemented during the 60 years of the council’s life. He thanked those who preceded him in the presidency and members of his administration for their constant support and cooperation; I always think of offering better conditions to registrants.

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Also speaking were the two presidents of the Salta Councils, Juan Pablo Lopez López, and Tucuman, Jose Luis Romero. It was the latter who said that the Catamarca Professional Council had several times become the “mainstay of the profession” within the Federation, generating ideas and projects that marked the course of other councils. Likewise, he spoke of their managers’ “grave concern” about prioritizing the work of their entrants through training activities, and about the federalism they exercise for the benefit of entrants at home.

Also, the celebration of the 60th anniversary of CPCE was appropriate to learn about the path of professionals who have completed 50 years registered with the host entity (Accountants Hugo del Calz Moya, Rubén David Yazbek and José Custodio Martinez).

Finally, it is time for the academic part of the presentation of the lecture “La Mochila Argentina” given by entrepreneur and economist Teddy Karagozyan, President of the TN & Platex Business Group.

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Council of Economic Sciences was attended by the main bodies of the College of Economics and Management; economic union, trade union; legislators, former president; Professionals and current members of the CPCE Board of Directors, among other personalities. The night of festivities culminated in a toast among the attendees.