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“DT has never been so cool and see how many millions he made”;  Josera on Vasco

“DT has never been so cool and see how many millions he made”; Josera on Vasco

Mexico City /

The Javier Aguirre failed as Rayados Technical Director and beyond Separation after losing his home to St. Louis It sparked controversy in the media about The level he really occupies as a coach. There are figures like David Fittelson who called him “the best Mexican ever” despite what he experienced in Monterrey, but Jose Ramon Fernandez does not sympathize with Vasco.

Joserra questioned Vasco Aguirre .’s accomplishmentswhose only league title was with Pachuca in 1999. Later he ventured to Europe with “low-ranking teams” – according to the spokesperson – and with the most expensive team in Mexico he won the Concampón, but suddenly collapsed in the Club World Cup.

“He sparked a huge interest in returning to Mexico after that title with Pachuca (in 1999). He managed many teams in Spain and national teams such as Japan and Egypt, where he did not perform well at all. With Leganes he went to the second division, he became in Champions with Atlético. He was never a great coach, in Spain he was not very good and he was always in low level teams. They put everything in their own Monterey,” the veteran confirmed into the microphone.

Later , The father of anti-Americanism glimpse it Javier Aguirre earned a ‘wealth’ As a settlement in Sultana del Norte, it was the coach who paid the most in the entire MX League, without specifying the amounts.

Vasco Aguirre is leaving, I imagine a good liquidationand good compensation and earning very good money because it was so Highest-paid coach in Mexican football, how much money“, a statement.

Vasco was not awarded the best team: de Anda

The one who was a bit nicer to the now fired helmsman was Francisco Gabriel de Andawho stated that despite receiving the most expensive payroll in Liga MX, the team was not done properly and set an example of the menacing drought of their attackers.

“Obviously Javier is on duty and it is true that they are the most expensive team in Mexico, but they are not the best, they are far from that. Funes Morey and Janssen to score the goal And so we can follow each player. They may be the most expensive ones, but It’s not the best team ever.Paco Gabriel said.