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DT Fabian Bustos and Barcelona disappoint again: they lose 1-0 to Independiente del Valle in Quito, in the Pro League | National Championship | sports

The postponement of the date 3 – for a week – allowed Barcelona to study in depth the tactical movements of its rival, Independiente del Valle, who is visiting it today.

For six years, the Canaries have not been able to beat Independiente in Pichincha in the local championship. The last coach to lead the Canary Islands to victory was the Uruguayan coach Guillermo Almada (0-2), on April 7, 2017.

Both teams showed intensity from the start to control the match. From the start, Júnior Sornoza and Argentine Lorenzo Faravelli disarmed the branding strategy proposed by the yellow team. With their passes between the lines or to the sides so they could join the attack, Peder Caicedo and Chilean Matias Fernandez stifled the Canarian defenders.

While young Kendry Paez and Argentine Lautaro Diaz tried to break the resistance of goalkeeper Javier Burai with kicks and headers from medium distances that settled the positions that their colleagues expected.

In the 34th minute, Mario Pineda, the left back of the bullfighters, pushed Sornoza into the area of ​​the goalkeeper Boray and after reviewing the video assistant referee, referee Augusto Aragon imposed a penalty kick.

Sornoza was responsible for taking the free kick and smashed the ball into the base of goalkeeper Burrai upright, but it didn’t stop there because the rebound was hit by Lorenzo Faravelli, who shot wide (38 min).

The best movement of the match came at the end of the first half. Gaucho Diaz opened the scoring with a header in the 42nd minute against a sleepy Bruno Benatares, because he did not realize that the opponent was two meters away.

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The worst thing for DT Fabian Bustos was not when Argentine striker Jonathan Bauman cut off the start of Independiente and kept the ball, but his shot was saved by goalkeeper Moisés Ramirez (45th minute).