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Dr. Martins leaves Mexico.  What will happen to the shops and shoes?

Dr. Martins leaves Mexico. What will happen to the shops and shoes?

Mexico City /

Dr. Martins leaves from Mexico. The famous British company announced, on Wednesday, that They have decided to close all their branches and sales platforms in our country; However, the company did not provide further details of the reason for its decision.

however, Dr. Martins She leveraged her social networks to send a message to her customers thanking them for their loyalty and support while the brand was based in Mexico.

We thank our entire community: customers, collaborators and distributors for being a part of our adventure. Infinite thanks. It transcends our legacy and remains in your documents. We don’t say goodbye, but until your next husband‘, can be read in the statement issued by Dr. Martens this Wednesday.

Unsurprisingly, many social media users lamented leaving the popular British shoe store Mexicobecause The brand was well-known in our country.

They will continue to deliver

Dr. Martins He stated that the orders issued in the past days are still in progress, so You can wait for your product to be delivered; However, they indicated that in case of any doubt or clarification, they can be contacted via email: [email protected]which will attend each case until February 28, 2022.

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