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Dr. Maria Ramos, a leading cardiologist in Puerto Rico

Dr. Maria Ramos, a leading cardiologist in Puerto Rico

Her role as a mother is her main one, although her children, from a young age, recognize in their mother that she is a hero in the service of her patients.

Dr. Maria Ramos, president of the Puerto Rican Cardiological Society. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

Very brave and honest Relatives of Dr. Maria RamosAnd the woman Who made his way into the world cardiology Today he heads the Puerto Rican Cardiological Society, despite realizing that his time in medicine is the same passion for healing and saving lives.

Ramos highlights in an interview Exclusively with Medicine and Public Health That their studies and achievements are the product of excellence and training Professional in public order from the state.

Primary and higher education I made it at Arecibo. I’m the daughter of two teachers and I got my bac in speech therapy studies and being in hospitals I loved medicine, so I completed my pre-medical at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus and after that I entered the medical school at the Central University of the Caribbean.”

his passion in cardiology He appeared in his third year after a rotation at Veterans Hospital in the Coronary Artery Unit, along with his mentor Dr. Esteban Linares. “I take it. cardiology It’s a specialty with many challenges, but the treatments available also make you want to help patients.”

With eyes full of glitter She described what for her is an essential point of her profession, because thanks to her proximity to the patient she was able to know their lives in detail and with her how best to treat them and give them more time with loved ones.

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Dr. Ramos’ passion is to give an answer to her patients, an answer that gives them peace of mind to get the right treatment. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

Her children have always known that their mother is a committed doctor and have always supported her. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

Her commitment and courage led her to take the reins of the Puerto Rican Cardiology Society. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

Challenge at Puerto Rican Cardiology Association

Ramos stresses that she is proud to be the first woman to chair and represent her colleagues inside and outside the country, as this represents an indispensable commitment on her part by demonstrating her capabilities not only to the medical profession, but to all working women who are trained in different specialties.

“It has been a challenge, it has taken time, but we also have to be brave, and if we have to learn along the way to lead that leadership, we have to bear it. We know that we often do not, perhaps out of fear and not be brave. We must not restrain ourselves.”

She stressed that inclusion is greater because the society she presides does not only include it woman In positions, but in other spaces there are also accomplished professionals who are paving the way for girls and young women preparing to become professionals in Puerto Rico.

Spirituality and therapy

The doctor commented that her passion for spirituality accompanies her and the benefit of combining them for the patient, as many told her that they feel better when they achieve this balance.

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Finally, she admitted that she is grateful for the details her patients give her when they go into the office with words of gratitude. “They trust you with things, they see you as a sister or a daughter. Trust is great.”

The family as a mainstay

Ramos is a mother of three, two of whom are university students, and Juan Pablo, her 16-year-old son, whom she thanked for understanding her work and accompanying her in her best moments as a professional.

She noted that despite her schedules and career challenges, her children’s time is sacred. “He did not miss their activities because it is important that they feel accompanying them, and also if your personal life is not going well, as well as your career. Living with them and seeing them grow up is a very nice thing.”