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RD y Holanda acuerdan delimitación marítima

DR and the Netherlands agree on the demarcation of the maritime boundary

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MERX) reported on Monday the signing of a maritime delimitation agreement with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which will define the border between the two parties in the Caribbean Sea where the Netherlands Antilles are located. Located.

Through a statement, the Dominican Foreign Ministry clarified that the agreement, signed by Minister Roberto Alvarez and the Netherlands’ ambassador to the Caribbean country, Annemic Verige, states that the demarcation of all maritime areas has been made “on the basis of equal distance”.

“It will be the geodetic line formed by the points defined by their geographical coordinates expressed in the 1984 World Geodetic System Reference System,” the note says.

Merckx added that the two parties signed this agreement with the aim of defining the maritime areas of the Caribbean over which the two countries exercise their sovereignty, sovereign rights or jurisdiction.

He added that in accordance with the articles of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (CONFIMAR), the parties will promote and facilitate the development and conduct of marine scientific research in their marine areas and, if appropriate, may provide necessary.

The Dominican Republic had already defined its territorial waters with the Republic of Colombia (in 1978) and with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (in 1979).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that this agreement contributes to the Dominican government’s goal of devoting the maximum possible attention and resources necessary to establishing maritime borders with countries that are still pending to do so and aligning the country’s legislation with international law. .

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The maritime boundaries with Haiti, with Great Britain, by virtue of the area of ​​the Turks and Caicos Islands, and with the United States, by the island of Puerto Rico, have not yet been determined.