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Dozens of families affected in Michis after Hurricane Fiona

Dozens of families affected in Michis after Hurricane Fiona

Arrival Hurricane Fiona On Dominican territory it was to be expected, however, many residents trusted that “the Dominican Republic is a blessed country, where nothing arrives.”

It was believed that some community members of the municipality Michisin El Seibo County, who never imagined the disaster that was coming with Fiona.

Dozens of families were left on the streets. Zinc flew in, and the breeze and rain destroyed homes, beds, furniture, refrigerators, stoves, radios, and countless trees on the ground entangled in power cords.

Although there are no records of deaths in the municipality, about 15 people were injured in different parts of the body, due to the amount of zinc, nails and pieces of wood remaining in the form of debris.

passage of sectors Michis during a tour free magazine It became desolate and sad, its streets filled with billboards, electricity poles, and the property of the people on the streets.

In the midst of the pain, they used the force to repair part of the damage caused by Hurricane Fionawhich is entered as Category 1 in the eastern region of the country.

Some members of the community did not want to move on, as they were left in the middle of nowhere, and when soon they had everything. As with Jose Sanchez Sanchez, who managed to collect zinc and wood from those he found on the street to rebuild his house.

He stated that although some authorities had come to the place to “sell us a dream” of help, he had decided to raise his own even if it was a ceiling to be able to be there.

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Sanchez said he could still feel the wind and the screams of the people who saw how everything was falling apart, as he looked at his completely destroyed house.

Ramona Flores said that less than a month ago she had bought a small refrigerator and some dishes. “There was no way to save anything, the wind was too strong,” he said.

Pavement has gone from being glamorous to being a place to regret

Vendors near the cruise ship dock Michis They have the pain because it is one of the most attractive places they have been to.

They stated that it was a luxury to be able to see the sunset in it, and that unfortunately they would not be able to enjoy it, unless the authorities decided to work to fix it.

For sellers, more than wind and water, the cause of the collapse of the quay was the logs drawn by the river, which, together with the waves, swayed the wood that formed it.

image enlargement
The Michis Tourist Basin collapsed after Hurricane Fiona passed. (Eddie Vitini)

Although pavement repair is important to them, they realize that it is even more urgent to help the affected people, many of whom have not been left with nothing.

They are asking the Tourism Minister, David Collado, to conduct an on-site survey to assess the situation and repair the damage at the time the authorities consider appropriate.

The mayor’s office organizes an uprising

The mayor’s office in the municipality has begun conducting surveys in the 20 districts to which it belongs MichisAnd that’s because they were all touched by the homes after Fiona passed the place.

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They had some brigades with the Department of Public Works to clean up the resulting disasters and fix the electricity. They remain isolated from the outside world.

Journalist from Dominican, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).