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Download iPhone 14 display wallpapers here

Download iPhone 14 display wallpapers here

Decorate your iPhone, iPad, or Mac for an “elusive” event to introduce the new iPhone 14.

As you already know, A new Apple event will be held on September 7in any se iPhone 14 will be offered and possibly some products Plus. As expected, we saw some surprises like Secret Easter Egg for the eventwhich can be viewed from any iPhone or iPad, or New Twitter hashtag It is now available for users of the social network.

The event is getting closer and closer, that’s why you’ll probably want to dress up your different outfits for the occasion, and that’s why we chose the assembly The best “Too Far” Apple event wallpapers for iPhone 14 You can use it on different devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac. The wallpapers in question are optimized to work well on these devices, although they can also look great on other mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Best iPhone 14 Show Event Wallpapers

Were the respective backgrounds or backgrounds Created by Apple Guy Basic. There is only one template based on the cover letter that Apple sharedReminiscent of space and galaxies, respective backgrounds have been shared Via Google Drive. There are 3 different versions, Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Confirmed: iPadOS 16 will be delayed and will not arrive with iOS 16

you may Access the respective wallpapers by clicking on the following links. If you hold down or right-click, you will have the option to save the wallpaper to your device so that you can later apply it as wallpaper:

Apple event wallpapers

Dress up your devices with the new Apple event wallpapers!

Most downloaded wallpapers

If you are looking for the best wallpapers, we have many collection Thousands of wonderful wallpapersfor iPhone and iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. We also have wallpapers for the latest Apple devices:

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