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Dos Bocas opened between uncertainty and "blackout" - El Financiero

Dos Bocas opened between uncertainty and “blackout” – El Financiero

The first stage of Olmec refinery located in the port manTabasco, will be opened on Friday by the President Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorAnd the Although it is not clear what will be offered and how long it will take to start oil refining, specialists have previously consulted Finance.

“We don’t know what will open, Pemix No report has been issued in this regard, not even to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, for its English acronym) which would be the only serious regulator to oversee it, and if there is transparency with the SEC, said Rosanetti Barrios, who specializes in Energy sector, although it requires a lot of requirements, because what can be expected of others.

Oscar Ocampo, Energy Coordinator at the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), added that despite the fact that they had followed the construction of the refinery “with a magnifying glass”, It is not known what will be opened or when it will be operated.

“Such basic questions, but that have not been announced, we will see a tape cut and a government report, but we don’t know what’s behind it, and that is very concerning because it is one of the priority projects in this administration,” he noted.

For Arturo Carranza, an energy expert, This Friday only political messages will be seenbecause it is considered that the current administration gives priority to this type of advertisement over technical advertisements.

“We know it was a questionable project, both because of the cost overruns and even because of the utility of the project, which, incidentally, would have a very short useful life in the face of the energy transition,” he said.

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We indicate opacity

This was confirmed by Gonzalo Monroy, a consultant on energy issues Labor cost overrunthe direct assignment of contracts and use of Pemex affiliates makes it difficult to do so Accountability in dos BocasAnd he asserts that the work is based on an “opacity monument” that is subject to political, not artistic, dictates.

“To add more layers of opacity, the government has used Pemex affiliates as it is not easy to get their evaluation or even supervision from a public accounts point of view, it is not that simple,” the expert said.

in this context, One of the biggest drawbacks of this installation is the vagueness and lack of transparency surrounding this great workSince the “Olmeca” refinery was developed by PTI Infraestructura de Desarrollo, a subsidiary of Pemex.

“Affiliates, unlike subsidiaries, operate under private law, so they do not have the same transparency and contractual obligations,” the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO) detailed in a note.

Bernardo Cortes, Partner at Cortés Quesada Abogados, added it all The project was implemented as if it had been implemented by any private company dedicated to the oil sectorNot for a state oil company.

“The fact that one of the Pemex subsidiaries carried out its development was the way to find a legal basis to shift the issue of public tenders a bit and the ability to assign contracts directly or under restricted invitation mechanisms, a maneuver that saved them time,” he said.

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On the other hand, Susanna Cazorla, former chief advisor to the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Authority (CRE), identified the following: Gasoline demand will not be covered by the start-up of Dos Bocas because Mexico It does not have enough ore to process.