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República Dominicana entre los diez mejores destinos para jubilarse

Dominican Republic among top ten retirement destinations

At the time of their retirement, many people They decide to venture around the world and choose a country outside their own To retire and spend your last days of vacation enjoying new experiences.

Medicare, visa requirements, local cultureand taxes and Low cost of living These are some of the advantages they take into consideration before choosing a new destination.

Data from the US Social Security Administration indicated that More than 700,000 Americans “They get paid abroad.” But consultants from Travel + Leisure recommend spending at least several months in a potential retirement destination before making the move.

Recently Dominican Republic It is listed by Travel + Leisure, a reputable travel magazine, as one of the Top 10 Retirement Destinations for its tropical climate, Low housing costs It is close to Miami, USA.

Pensioners live in cities such as Santo Domingo and Santiago, and in tourist cities such as Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Boca Chica.

may be Entering the country with a tourist visa Then apply for a retirement visa, which takes several months. to get Retired visa The tourist must provide proof of at least $1,500 in monthly income, a background check and a birth certificate.

Other destinations Those shortlisted are:


It has become a retirement destination for her Proximity to the United Statesits climate, its warm atmosphere and because The cost of living fits most budgets.

Panama offers a visa for retirees that offers benefits such as discounts on various services and tax exemption on importing household items.

It also promises a “two-tiered” health system that provides “excellent care and facilities at affordable prices”, covered by private or self-pay insurance.

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This country has become one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world because of its presence Mild weatherA beautiful landscape and Welcoming the citizens.

Retirees must apply at the local consulate for a residence permit valid for five years, and then have to apply for a permanent permit when it expires. Medical insurance is required as a condition of obtaining a residence permit, along with a passport and proof of income.


warm weather, welcome culture A variety of environments makes Spain a desirable place to retire. the The cost of living varies between major cities Spain, and settling outside the cities is generally cheaper.

The country has A “highly qualified” health system It includes public health care although most expats opt for private health care that is covered by insurance.

Costa Rica

With jungles, rainforests, and beaches stretching from the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is one of the most visited destinations for retirees. the Affordable cost of living Health care is available through public and private systems.


Malta attractions include weather, location, beaches and Architectural beauty. English is widely spoken and groceries and Restaurant dinner at reasonable prices. Private healthcare is recommended because expats cannot get national health insurance.


for him Low cost of living It attracts retirees, especially those who enjoy adventure and appreciate nature. An advantage for Americans is that In Ecuador, the US dollar is used as the currency.In major cities, many people speak English.


the Low cost of living so is nearby location It attracts a large number of retirees from the United States and Canada. The country offers a wide range of locations, lifestyles, climates, and costs of living, making it Americans’ Top Retirement Destination who choose to leave the United States

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This country is Beaches, rainforests, mountains and a variety of cities. Costs vary between cities and boarding communities, and there are a variety of housing available.

The Colombian health system contains modern public and private hospitals, with affordable and high-quality care.

United State

In the United States, cities Florida are places Favorite withdrawalBecause of its warm climate, miles of coastline, and lack of state income taxes. Also, throughout this country, college citiesski resorts and small villages They are desirable options for retirees.