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Ley de Extinción de Dominio vista como pieza clave

Domain destruction law is seen as an important part

President Louis Abinader yesterday expressed his hope that the National Congress would approve the domain destruction law in the next few days so that the resources stolen from the treasury could be returned and processed, and then used to solve people’s problems.

Abinader said that as a testament to these efforts and concerns, the authorities are working to change the Procurement and Contract Act.

Similarly, the President reaffirmed his government’s commitment to transparency and tolerance of corruption, stressing that the authorities are vigilant every day to ensure that the funds invested by the citizens of the Dominican Republic are properly invested. Your quality of life.

He assured that the aim of the government was to promote a safer, more inclusive and prosperous Dominican Republic.

After concluding a meeting of the Dominican Republic and US Embassy Working Group on Institutional Reforms on April 29 this year, both parties pledged to promote legislation to help fight transparency and fight corruption.

The Dominican government promised to give priority to the approval and application of a bill to abolish the right.

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Anti-corruption pledges
The United States pledged to support these efforts by providing technical assistance during the project evaluation, drafting and implementation phases.

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