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Dollar price today May 1, 2021 in Mexico

Dollar price today May 1, 2021 in Mexico

Habit price Dollars When you want to understand the global economic situation. But not only are they examined, they are also analyzed when you want to travel abroad or invest and save in that currency.

Regardless of the reason for checking the value of the currency United StateHere, there is an opportunity to find out the corresponding cost for Saturday May 1, 2021.

Although, before disclosing this information, we must tell you that on weekends you can change pesos to dollars and vice versa because some exchange offices are operating normally these days. But if you don’t have the opportunity to wander around the city to find one, we recommend going to the airport.

The Mexican peso ends the week with losses due to the economic recovery in the United States | Source: Oink-Oink

Now that you are notified of these details, let us point out that today the dollar is at 20.2350 MXN.

The exchange rate of the major banks in Mexico

By the way, according to the various banking institutions in our territories, this is how the dollar concluded the week from Monday April 26 to Friday April 30:

  • He buys Citibanamex At 19.70 and a discount At 20.70
  • HSBC Mexico buys At 19.64 and a discount The time is 20.36
  • He buys BBVA Bancomer 19.42 o’clock a discount The time is 20.32
  • Banorte buys At 18.90 and a discount At 20.30
  • Santander buys At 20.24 and a discount At 20.25

We remind you that just like today, you can check the dollar rate every day in Owenk Owenk. During the week, you can also get back to us specifically regarding Opening s Close From this coin.

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