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Do you live in the US?  You should know this from the October 4 emergency alarm test

Do you live in the US? You should know this from the October 4 emergency alarm test

Recently, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, its acronym in English) announced next Wednesday, October 4 Everyone’s electronic devices in America will receive an unexpected alarm. Also, media such as radio and television stations transmit these sounds.

Officials in charge said that this alarm was the first evidence Federal Emergency Warning System (EAS, in English) and Wireless emergency alerts (WEA, in English).

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They also said The ringing of mobile phones is very low And citizens should pay attention to the alarm and remember it so as not to confuse future drills or warnings.

Press USA Today This alarm states that it will reach the devices around 02:20 PM, in addition, the media should also broadcast. “Distinctive, discordant electronic warning tone of emergency warning.”

In an official statement, FEMA notes: “The national test will be in two parts, in which the capabilities of WEA and EAS will be tested. “Both tests will begin at 2:20 PM ET on Wednesday, October 4.”

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“Start using the WEA portion of the test Integrated Public Alerts and Notifications System (IPAWS) is a centralized, web-based system administered by FEMA and allows officials to send authorized emergency messages to the public over multiple communications networks. The WEA test will be done by sending a code to cell phones,” explains the supplied document.

Cell phones will receive an alert message: “This

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A test of the National Emergency Warning System. “No action required.”

WEA Alerts are emergency messages sent by government agencies to wireless service providers through the Public Emergency Alert Infrastructure, or IPAWS. These providers send alerts to compatible phones in specific geographic areas.

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Alerts are vibrated and have a unique tone to ensure that these alerts are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

The test is expected to last only one minute. Know that it will come out only once and nothing will come again.

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