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Do I have to pay taxes for the SAT if I win the Melate or the lottery?

Do I have to pay taxes for the SAT if I win the Melate or the lottery?

A dream that many if not nearly all have is to win the jackpot, either from the National Lottery or from one of their raffles, but before declaring yourself a millionaire from the rooftops and spending your prize on purchases, trips and cars, you should know your financial responsibilities with Tax Administration Services (SAT). ).

If you win a raffle on Melate, Revancha, and Revanchita, you should take into account the taxes you have to pay into the treasury, and if that’s something you should declare before the SAT. Here we tell you how much you’ll give to the treasury before you spend your prize.

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Do I have to pay taxes when I win Melate scholarships?

If you win a Melate, Revancha, or Recanchita raffle, before spending your money on cars, clothes, or trips, you must take into account your tax obligations, because according to Section 138 of the Federal Tax Code, you must pay the SAT when you collect the money. 1% on the value of the award, and this is at the national level, while the local payment does not exceed 6%. This depends on the state in which you reside.

Example of the last accumulated bag of draw on July 22 with about 379 million pesos, if you win the prize, you will have to award the 26 million pesos SAT in tax payments at the federal and local levels.

Do I need to include my award on my tax return?

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Aside from the tax you must pay at the time of collecting your prize, when you file your annual return, as supplemental income, as part of the Income Tax Act (LISR), Section 90. If your prizes do not exceed 600,000 pesos in between, you will have to pay again because There was already a discount when you collected your money.

In the event that the prize is more than $600,000 pesos, it is best to seek advice from an accountant so that your annual statement contains all the corresponding data and you do not get into trouble with the SAT.

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