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Diplomas start in person at the Faculty of Biological Sciences - El Sol de la Laguna

Diplomas start in person at the Faculty of Biological Sciences – El Sol de la Laguna

Turion, Coahuila. – This morning, students from all classes of the Faculty of Biological Sciences (FCB) at the UAdeC Torreón unit will take the first four certificates during this month, which are extracurricular diplomas to enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge.

After a brief opening ceremony, the institution’s coordinator at the Torreon unit, Sandra López Chavarria, urged the 92 students who started this setup to put all their efforts into the programmed courses, once the pandemic fades and some direct activities are allowed at the university.

Sessions will be three a day, Monday through Friday, in the four weeks of June, from 8 am to 10 am, 12 am to 2 pm, and 3 pm to 5 pm, without interruption and strict hygiene protocols, In order not to expose anyone involved.

Juan Antonio Zúñiga Adam, Academic Secretary of the Campus directed by Fernando Hernández Terran, Agustina Ramírez Moreno and Naganmane Balagorosani, with the support of the faculty, is responsible for the four diplomas, designed for the purpose of restoring as much of the year as possible. that FCB students were prevented from doing practical work in their laboratories.

Now, students will know in the facts about analytical chemistry, food, biotechnology, new products, microbiology, and biology, among other subjects, with respect to the ten chapters that make up the degree. It is estimated that about 400 students will benefit from these certifications.

To improve the teaching and learning process, there are nine training tables and a laboratory in which three young men each sit. All attendees today, like the four weeks of the courses, must come in masks and gowns, and the college will provide them with antibacterial gel and supplies.

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