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Did Cruz Azul actually call Hugo Sanchez to be his DT?  answer half the time

Did Cruz Azul actually call Hugo Sanchez to be his DT? answer half the time

Mexico City /

Once blue cross unleash the strategist Diego Aguirre to receive scandal 7-0 win at the hands of Americamany candidates have emerged to take over the technical direction of the Heavenly Club, other than the fact that at the moment, the Foundation has given Chance for Raul “Potro” Gutierrez to stay on a temporary basis like DT.

Given this, during the program hot footballdriver Jorge Ramos Don’t hesitate to ask Hugo Sanchez about whether Cruz Azul’s board of directors has already contacted him To take the team, bearing in mind that a few years ago Pentapichichi was a serious candidate to direct to Machine.

In the face of such questioning, Sanchez Marquez was loyal forcefully replied: “no not yet”he referred to the former DT of Puma, who Jorge Ramos turned around: “What a silence!”.

at that moment David Fittelson stepped in and quipped: “Jorge, I beg you to see that with me in court.”what or what Hugo Sanchez The joke followed:I hire him as a promoter“.

Hugo Sanchez arrived with Cruz Azul

It was in December 2020 when blue cross s Hugo Sanchez They had Too serious talks for him to get to the team’s bench, a situation that was about to be achieved, but some differences in economic matters prevented this from happening; at that time, They chose Juan Renoso, World Health Organization He eventually gave the nickname to La Maquina; However, from that moment on macho Left as an option to be a light blue DT.

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