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Diaz-Canel asks Cubans to be ‘on alert’ ahead of Hurricane Beryl

Diaz-Canel asks Cubans to be ‘on alert’ ahead of Hurricane Beryl

although Weather Forecast Models Keep Powerful Hurricane Beryl Away from CubaGovernor Miguel Díaz-Canel asked Cubans to be on alert ahead of its close passage through Caribbean waters.

“Cuba will not be directly affected by the powerful hurricane Beryl, but during its passage across the seas to the south of the island we could feel some of its effects. I ask our people to stay informed and to comply with the instructions issued by the Civil Defense. Attentive and prepared,” the president wrote on his X social network account.

The eye of Hurricane Beryl will pass over Cuba, but the so-called “dirty side” of the strong meteorological phenomenon, i.e. the strongest in terms of winds and rain, will affect the country..

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecast, from early Wednesday through Thursday Some parts of the country may feel winds of up to 63 km/h..

This Tuesday Beryl reached the fifth category. (Highest on the Saffir-Simpson scale, with winds greater than 250 km/h) and continues toward the Gulf of Mexico at 35 km/h.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasts Beryl to continue moving rapidly west-northwest over the next couple of days and turn west on Thursday.

Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are on alert and could be affected by the powerful hurricane on Thursday.

The indirect impact of Beryl on Cuba is an alleviation of the current economic conditions the country is going through, however, the alert must be present in Cuban society, because Winds and rain that will be left by the Meteorological Authority.

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Less than two weeks ago, A series of landslides has been reported in Cuba.With heavy rains hitting the capital in particular, leaving a tragic toll of casualties and injuries and growing concern about the fragility of housing on the island.

These incidents not only reflect the fragility of housing structures, but also the ineffectiveness of the authorities in ensuring the safety of citizens.