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Deborah James |  'My Body Can't Go On': A touching farewell to British presenter with muscular cancer |  United Kingdom |  Narration |  EC Stories |  Globalism

Deborah James | ‘My Body Can’t Go On’: A touching farewell to British presenter with muscular cancer | United Kingdom | Narration | EC Stories | Globalism

Podcast host at He has finally said goodbye to his Instagram followers after six years of treatment for bowel cancer.

Deborah James admitted in an animated post on the social network, noting that “my body can’t stand it anymore” He doesn’t know how long he has left to live.

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Deborah James is the presenter of the BBC podcast You and I and Big C (referring to C for Cancer), which deals with the daily lives of people with this disease.

She said the past six months have been “heartbreaking” for her, but she is “surrounded by love”.

“The Letter I Didn’t Want to Write”

mosques He was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 He has since posted several posts about his treatment of over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

In December, I thought about the five years since she was diagnosed with cancer: “I am fully aware that I shouldn’t be alive to write this day.”

But, in a new Instagram post on Monday, he claimed to be posting “The Letter I Didn’t Want to Write”.

James said he has already discontinued treatment for his cancer and is now focusing on avoiding pain and being able to spend time with his “wonderful family”.

“No one knows how long I have left,” he said, “but I can’t walk, I sleep most of the day, and most things I once thought were guaranteed are now distant dreams.”

“I know we’re looking at all possibilities. But, even with all the innovative cancer treatments in the world, or even if there’s a new magic breakthrough, My body just can’t keep up“.

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Day by day, step by step

The presenter announced that the Bowelbabe Fund, named after her Instagram account, will be created to fund personalized medicine research for cancer patients and support colon cancer awareness campaigns.

Get pictures.

James started hosting the podcast in 2018 You and I and Big CWhich has won many accolades For frankly addressing the issue of cancer.

Another host, Rachel Bland, died at the age of 40, six months after the show’s launch. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.

“The goal now for me is to go day in and day out, step by step, and be thankful for each new dawn,” James said in her Instagram post.

“My family is all around me and we’ll dance together, sunbathe and laugh (I’ll cry!!) whenever possible!”

He also thanked his followers for “playing their part in my journey” before signing with the words: “No regrets. Enjoy life”.