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Dayanara Torres: The newfound pride her eldest son gave her with Marc Anthony | Celebrities from the United States | fame

She is a proud mom. As we know, the first wife of Mark Anthony Christian and Ryan, 21 and 19 years old, respectively. In this sense, he was always happy

The fact is that the firstborn of the couple And this is something that was confirmed by a recent publication of Miss Universe 1993.

Want to know more about the important victory he boasted of on your social networks? Then, he discovered the newfound pride his eldest son had given him Mark Anthony.

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres with their son Christian (Photo: Dayanara Torres/Instagram)

What is the new achievement of Christian Moriz?

On January 2, 2023, Christian Muniz Torres Share the news that He will debut as a comedian Thanks to the superhero series “Burnkinia”a product created by Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez.

The character that the artist will display is “gold, golden kukui”. This book will have its own book that will be released in 2023 and will be added to the list of graphic novels starring Marisol Rios de la Luza fictional character with superhuman strength, the power of flight, and storm control.

It is noteworthy that the name given to the painter himself is Christian Torres Some details of his superhero have already been introduced: he is a basketball player with agility, acrobatic skills, and climbing ability.

“Oro, the Golden Coquí” will have its own book (Photo: La Borinqueña/Instagram)

What did Dayanara Torres say about the new face of her son, Christian?

On Friday, January 6th Torres Dayanara He publicly congratulated his account instagram. The model stated that 2023 continued to surprise her: “Beautiful and talented Christian makes her debut as a comic book artist”He started his story.

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Immediately he turned to his eldest son: “I saw the father, the hard work, the dedication, the consistency and the perseverance… it was worth it. I am proud of you, your talent continues to impress us. It was meant to be and it couldn’t be more perfect as I bear witness to your love and pride for Puerto Rico and our people” .added the star.

Finally, one of the most famous United States Celebrities knew this As given by kings. In addition, thanks Miranda Rodriguez And the whole team BurkinaWhere is his heir who affectionately calls him “Koki”He does a training period.

More information about DAYANARA TORRES


  • full name: Dayanara Torres Delgado
  • Pick-up place: toa alta
  • nationality: Puerto Rico
  • birthday: Oct. 28
  • Year of Birth: 1974
  • Omar: 47 years
  • Height: 1.70 m (5′7)
  • Instagram:

The emotional message of Dianara Torres about cutting hair in France

a few weeks ago, Francisca His classmates were surprisedAmerica woke up“Cutting his hair as a sign of acceptance at times when he concealed his identity”I don’t feel ugly“.

The act sparked applause from her colleagues at Univision and other networks, including Dayanara Torres, who shared a heartfelt message of support for the “Nuestra Belleza Latina” winner. .


During one of her entries in “La mesa caliente”, Dayanara Torres referenced Shakira and Gerard Pique’s breakup, as they discussed the paths both characters should take.

On the Telemundo program, the former Miss Universe sent the singer advice in these difficult times and expressed her solidarity with the Colombian. .

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