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Dayanara Torres and the character that premiered in “El Gordo y La Flaca” |  univision |  Celeb from United States |  uses

Dayanara Torres and the character that premiered in “El Gordo y La Flaca” | univision | Celeb from United States | uses

The former beauty queen has returned to the United States Having received honors in his native Puerto Rico and done so in great fashion. Torres Dayanara She was the host of “El gordo y la flaca” with Lili Estefan, and she left everyone speechless with her new personality. Debor tells you what the former Miss Universe looks like today.

In the first days of June 2023, Marc Anthony’s ex-wifewho has two children together, attended different classes Memorial events in Toa Alta (Puerto Rico) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her winning the Miss Universe title.

After that, Puerto Rico returned to “the land of Uncle Sam”, where she had to fulfill several obligations: one of them, driving The famous Univision program usually run by Raúl de Molina and Lily Estefan.

He has gained a little weight in recent years (Photo: Bridget Bennett/AFP)

This is how the events of DAYANARA were seen on her return to “EL GORDO Y LA FLACA”

The artist, who will celebrate her 48th birthday in October this year, has been presenting the magazine with Estefan since the beginning of June, and .

This is the business woman I figured to look a few kilos lightera pose that allowed her to show a more slender and graceful figure.

for this occasion, Dayanara was dressed in a white uniform with short shorts. viewers, through cyberspace, They did not hesitate to praise her for her rejuvenating personality.

For her part, Lily chose a short yellow dress that also revealed her working legs.

Dayanara and Lily on the show (Photo: Screenshot/Dayanara Torres/Instagram)

DAYANARA TORRES Confessed How She Lost Weight

A few weeks ago, the model used an Instagram Live for the details How he managed to lose weight with a detox method and a healthy lifestyle.

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“Cuando de repente hice el show de Año Nuevo, yo decía, ‘Dios mío, si yo hubiese sabido que iba a hacer este show hubiera cerrado la boca’, porque no quiero seguir viviendo así y estar corriendo porque tengo algo, sino estar saludable All time”confirmed.

And with the method of trainer Nat Llorente and the Dharma Clinic, he managed to lose over 5 pounds. I started at 153.7 on Monday, and do you know how much I weigh? 148.0. Thank you Nat, for the time, love, laughter, and support especially this year that I want to see and feel better than ever! On the thirtieth anniversary of the crowning of Miss Universe 93! “he added.


This is a gossip show Broadcast live by Univision (USA). You can also click or get off Univision Now app Watch the show live.

It costs $7.99 per month, plus taxes, but you can take advantage of the free seven-day period to watch the software and test the service.

Fat and Underweight: What time does it start and where to see the program on Friday 2 June | Photo: Televisa Univision

Hours to see it in the US:

  • 4:00 p.m. ET
  • 3:00 PM CT scan
  • 1:00 PM Pacific Time

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