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Date, time, where and how to see it

Date, time, where and how to see it

(CNN Spanish) – There are five months left in the year, and luckily for astronomy lovers, that means it Five full moons left To witness in 2022.

Watch the rain of the Perseid without leaving the house 0:52

The following happens. You cannot miss this full moon because it will also be a great moon (end of the year).

Next, we bring you all the details of the August full moon, also known as the sturgeon full moon.

When does this full moon begin?

according to Old farmer’s calendarThe August full moon will begin on Thursday the 11th and will be brightest at 9:36 PM (Miami time).

If at that moment you can’t notice it for some reason at night or because of the weather (cloudy sky, for example), don’t worry, because you’ll have more time to appreciate it.

The NASA notes The moon will be in its full phase from Wednesday until the morning of Saturday, August 13. You won’t see the brightest spot anymore, but it will still be a great show.

The last supermoon of the year

The old farmer’s calendar indicates that this full moon will be the fourth and last super moon of the year. The first of 2022 was in May and the last in August.

Although there is no single definition of a giant moon, the term usually refers to a full moon that can stand out the most because it is within 90% of its orbit closest to Earth. This makes it appear larger and brighter in the night sky than a regular full moon.

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What time do you start elsewhere?

  • Mexico City, Mexico: The brightest point begins on August 11 at 8:36 PM
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 10:36 PM
  • Bogota Colombia: 8:36 pm

Why is the sturgeon full moon called?

specialized site timeanddate.com He explains that it was named after “the largest fish in North America: the sturgeon.”

“The August full moon is called the sturgeon moon because of the large number of sturgeon fish found in the Great Lakes of North America at this time of year. The most common sturgeon in the Great Lakes is lake sturgeon.

“The lake sturgeon was essential to the Native American tribes that lived in the area and is the oldest and largest indigenous species in the Great Lakes region, the world’s largest surface freshwater system,” the site details.

Old farmer’s calendar Mentionsed The first traces of sturgeon date back 136 million years, which earned them the nickname “living fossils.” While males live about 55 years, females can live up to 150 years.

He adds that sturgeon in the lake is a rare species that can currently be found due to overfishing in the 19th century, pollution and habitat damage.