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Danilo Medina “does not know” whether the Public Prosecution Office is investigating him

Danilo Medina “does not know” whether the Public Prosecution Office is investigating him

Former President of the Republic Daniel MedinaHe said he did not know if the Public Prosecution Office was investigating him.

After his presence this Friday in the House of Representatives of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Voting for the new members of the National Discipline and Ethics CourtThe city avoided making statements, but partly responded to a question posed by journalists.

And the journalist asked: “The president, just to see if it is true that the Public Prosecution is investigating the matter or not, as one of the members of this body said,” to which the former president replied with a simple phrase, “I don’t.” You know ‘as he’s walking away towards your car.

After avoiding further statements and getting into his car, PLD’s legal secretary, Jose Dantes, accused prosecutors of wanting to harm the former president’s character.

Dantes declared that within the PLD there is no fear that Medina will be investigated.

Pepca has not found anything from Danilo Medina

The Litigation Coordinator of the Deputy Specialized Anti-Administrative Corruption (BIPCA), Myrna Ortiz, confirmed that she is investigating the former President of the Republic, Danilo Medina.

“Vamos a decir que no se han encontrado elementos suficientes, que es una condicionante de la ley”, dijo Ortiz al ser entrevistada en el programa El Despertador, del Grupo SIN, que se transmite cada mañana por Color Visión, desde las 8:00 morning.

He said that although an investigation had been conducted and pointed out in the Antipulpo and Coral-Coral 5G cases, they had not found “sufficient elements” to allow them to charge former President Danilo Medina with corruption.

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