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Dania Mendes, the participant who jumped from The House of Celebrities 3 to Big Brother Brazil | uses

The third season of “La casa de los famosos” had an exchange of participants with “Big Brother Brasil”, a program in the same format as the successful Telemundo reality show. Dania Mendez left the famous house and was replaced by volleyball player Kei Alves, who is 23 years old and does not speak Spanish; One of those excluded from the Brazilian version.

Telemundo Realities gave viewers a clue that there will be a “massive change”: “A celebrity has an important assignment outside the home and a surprise guest arrives who doesn’t speak Spanish.” After the announcement, many began to speculate about the move before famous programme.

Dania Mendez He is one of 10 participants still inside Celebrity House 3. The young Mexican is part of the group made up of Diego Soldano, Madison Anderson, Arturo Carmona, Patty Navidad, Raul Garcia, Osmel Souza, Pepe Gamez, Jose Rodriguez and La Matiridista.

Dania Mendez is an influencer who became famous for her participation in the “Acapulco Shore” (Photo: Dania Mendez/Instagram)

Dania Mendez, contestant of “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS 3 who is going to” BIG BROTHER BRASIL “

Hector Sandarte was responsible for announcing the exchange of “La casa de los famosos 3” with the program “Big Brother Brasil”. The contestant chosen for this task was Dania Mendez, the young Mexican woman known as the “Acapulco Shore”.

“Dania Mendez will go to Brazil to join ‘Big Brother’ and Key Alves will arrive opposite ‘The House of Famous'”was the advertisement that was made in the famous house.

This is the first time that Telemundo’s reality show has swapped the genre with another program of the same format. Until now, the rest of the details are not known.

Now the hope remains what this exchange will bring Brazil with it and how the arrival of a new member who doesn’t speak Spanish will change the dynamics within “The House of Famous 3”.

The reaction of the followers of “LA CASA DE LOS FAMOSOS 3” on social networks

Followers of “La casa de los famosos 3” have shared their opinions on social networks about the decision made by the Telemundo production team to carry out an exchange of participants.

“I didn’t like how they did it!! At least they were going to ask him if he wanted to go or not”, “They really ruined the reality show with ups and downs of people”, “I don’t understand why it was changed, it has nothing to do with this season” And I don’t like this exchange at all.. These are some of the viewers’ comments on the Telemundo reality show.

Mexican Dania Mendez was one of the most anticipated tails in Season 3 of “The House of Famous” (Photo: Dania Méndez/Instagram)

How to watch The House of Famous series online?

The program is an original Telemundo production, so every detail of the show will be available through the Spanish channel’s signal in the US and Latin America.

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