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Dani Alves changed his statement again;  He presented himself as the first half victim

Dani Alves changed his statement again; He presented himself as the first half victim

a month later Daniel Alves He was deprived of his freedom after entering A prison in Barcelona After being charged with a crime sexual assault Against a woman, the soccer player He changed his words again about what happened in the past December 30th In a nightclub in Barcelona.

According to the information you posted Ara daily From Spain, The Brazilian has now presented himself as a victim The young woman accusing him. It should be noted that the player has already been shown cFour different phrases about what happened.

The aforementioned outlet stated that its sources, who were consulted, confirmed this after seeing each other “Besieged by evidence that does not support any of his accounts”The South American stated: “The truth is, I wanted to protect this young woman.”

“You went straight for me. I didn’t touch that girl.”he insisted on the former element of Barcelona and Pumas, who was going to refer to the woman accusing him as “this lady”; As for “Protect” To the fact that she was not accused of onesexual assault.

According to his new testimony – and citing the same means – when he was “sitting at the sink The woman entered and gave him a blowjob He did not agree But he did nothing to stop him either.”

Despite his recent statement, the evidence in the case does not seem to help the Brazilian, since DNA was identified on the victim’s body would not fit the premise He just gave himself a blowjobIn addition to the fingerprints found in various places in the bathroom where the events took place.

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Different versions of Dani Alves

Before that Daniel Alves I admit he had sexual encounter With the young woman accusing him, South America offered Three different versions of the facts.

The Brazilian confirmed this in his first statement I didn’t know the young man; Then he mentioned it He had crossed paths with her, but nothing happened; He later claimed that it was She jumped on it.