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Padre se ofrece como voluntario a vigilar una escuela en EU y cautiva las redes 

Dad volunteered to visit an American school after the Texas Elementary School shooting

After the school shooting Primary school in UvaldeTexas has unleashed the panic and anxiety of thousands of parents by taking their children to school. Socket Elementary In Texas.

Stephanie Bridget, a mother who dropped her daughter off at school this morning, saw a man standing in the doorway who thought it was a father, who was waiting for his son to go to school. School, but after a while he saw the man still standing in the same place, he did not even think he would be there. I was watching school.

“A gentleman was standing outside my daughter’s school this morning when I dropped him off. I thought he was waiting for someone. He was still standing there when I came back,” he said on his Facebook account.

After Mom called the school, the company would have told Mom that the man would be there Volunteered Monitor property security.

“It really made my day and I wanted to thank that man for doing it because I think it’s so brave, and it makes some hearts and minds easier.”

“I wanted to shake his hand, but I didn’t want to interrupt him because he was doing a job,” he said.

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The figure of the man displayed at the school gate will soon change Viral On social media, Netizens expressed their relief.

“You set a good example! That’s awesome! Every school should follow the leader! God bless you! Aha! Impressive!” Users.

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